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This is a website about male to female transsexuals who were obviously feminine as young children and whose social and sexual issues are improved by choosing to live as female rather than male, a decision which usually takes place between the onset of puberty and the end of puberty for the majority of us. We have been called different names in the past, primary transsexuals, "true" transsexuals and most recently homosexual transsexuals. We feel this last taxonomy is more etiologically and descriptively correct and that it holds the most potential for understanding, both socially and therapeutically, those of us who begin our lives as "transkids".

Goals and intended audience

Our purpose in making this website is to make the voices of transkids, homosexual transsexuals, directly accessable. We prefer to speak about our lives and issues ourselves and we are not helped by having our lives and issues represented and re-interpretted by non-homosexual transsexuals whose histories, motivations, etiology and personal understanding of their transsexuality is different from our own. In the controversy following the publication of J. Michael Bailey's The Man Who Would Be Queen there has been an exclusive focus on the reactions of autogynephilic transsexuals to the concept of autogynephilia. It's only appropriate for us to represent our own vantage point and perspective rather than continuing to allow autogynephilic transsexuals to speak for us. Our own voices need to be added to the discussion of transsexuality.

Transkids.us is intended to provide information about hsts with the hope that it can help the sections of the medical community who we need to deal with to better understand our issues and needs. There simply is not a great deal of recognition or understanding of our condition which makes it more difficult to get adequate treatment; our problems are not the same as those of other types of mtfs which can potentially have important treatment implications. Additionally we want to use this website to represent ourselves to people with academic or personal interest in homosexual transsexuality so that they can see our perspective rather than only reading material written from an outside vantage point.

Transkids.us is not about our social or personal identities or about us as individuals. To the extent that we do describe ourselves and our characteristics as a group, it is for the purpose of educating the medical and academic communities in terms which we hope will be helpful in understanding why our population will benefit by being clinically differentiated from the autogynephilic transsexuals, the population who are understood to be transsexuals in our society.

Also, the intended audience of our website is not the autogynephilic transsexuals who oppose the further medical understanding of our two groups. Our writing is not intended to change their opinion nor do we hope to improve any imagined position in the transsexual culture they control and define. As we have explained on this website, we don't currently participate in that culture and we do not wish to, especially given that the frightening and threatening reaction to our attempt here to present our point of view exceeded even our worst expectations.

We regret to announce that Kiira Triea, the original editor/webmistress of this website died in the fall of 2012. The authors of this website will all miss her. You may wish to read Alice Dreger's and Kay Brown's obituaries

Our email address has been changed. Readers may now write to us at formertranskid@gmail.com - the links at the bottom of our pages will be updated as time allows. We welcome polite email from anyone: both types of transsexuals of any age, teachers, writers, academics, parents of transkids, etc. We ask that correspondance be polite and suggest that those who disagree with our position be prepared to logically support their assertions.

Kay Brown's (aka: Cloudy) sister site On the Science of Changing Sex presents blog format essays primarily analyzing and critiqueing the scientific work being done on transsexuality. Kay's focus is on statistical and methodological analyses and is intended to balance the sociological and psychological approach of the transkids.us website.
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Extensive annotated bibliography with over 50 citations of research papers referencing Autogynephilia and homosexual transsexuality

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